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Curtis and Jennifer Jones, owners of Jentis Studios, are passionate in raising the bar in the hair replacement industry.  Curtis Jones suffered from hair loss and initially became a client restoring back his hair in 1992 and then continued his career in the industry helping others with hair loss.  After being unfairly treated financially and misled regarding his hair loss treatment, his passion was fueled to open a hair restoration salon of integrity, unparalleled in the industry.  He vowed to treat others suffering from hair loss with compassion, fairness, and honesty using only the best quality products, finest Virtual Reality hair available, and top notch certified Virtual Reality stylists.  Attention to detail and quality of products, such as Virtual Reality are only a few outstanding trademarks of Jentis Studios.  Complete satisfaction in the quality of the product and service received are the utmost priority at Jentis Studios.  Curtis Jones makes every attempt to help facilitate the process of finding the perfect Virtual Reality system to suit the individual and their hair loss needs.  From ordering a variety of Virtual Reality pieces to best match the clients hair color and hair loss need, to custom ordering with the perfect fit, length and color, he makes the experience fun and beneficial, creating a full and rewarding experience for the client.  Great pride and enjoyment is taken ensuring each and every client is happy and fully satisfied with the end result of their Virtual Reality experience.  The ultimate goal at Jentis Studios is restoring back your life, vitality, confidence and looks with a beautiful, natural looking, head of hair that suits you and your lifestyle!

 “Better Hair, Better Health, Better Life”