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The casual terry cloth turban is the perfect quick n’ easy cover up. Whether  lounging by the pool,working out at the gym or lunching with friends, this soft and absorbent head wear is a time saving alternative to a wig. And for more dressy occasions, try our 100% polyester turban. 
The Halo hair accessory is the perfect complement to any turban. A velvet lined circle of hair, each Gabor® Halo includes two strategically placed Velcro® strips with a glue strip for easy and secure attachment to any turban. For affixing a halo to a terry cloth turban, simply remove the top strip of Velcro®. The teeth on the bottom strip will adhere easily to the terry fiber. If you choose a polyester turban, use the glue strip on the back of the top Velcro® strip to easily attach to any smooth textured turbans.

Halos & Turbans

Flip Halo Flip Halo Flip Halo
Smooth Halo Smooth Halo Smooth Halo
Mid-Length Halo Mid-Length Halo Mid-Length Halo