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Gabor Plus Colors

Gabor wig styles that are available in Gabor Plus colors have face-framing highlights and lowlights in the front that gradually progress to deeper and richer hues at the nape.


Dark Chocolate Mist

Coffee Mist

Chestnut Mist

Nutmeg Mist

Mocha Mist

Pecan Mist

Cappuccino Mist

Almond Mist

Buttered Toast Mist

Honey Mist

Praline Mist

Wheat Mist

Ginger Mist

Cayenne Mist

Paprika Mist

Sugared Walnut

Sugared Pecan

Sugared Silver

Sugared Almond

Burnished Snow

Platinum Mist

Sugared Smoke

Sugared Charcoal

Chocolate Copper Mist

Mahogany Mist

Dark Cinnamon Mist