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Wigs Q&A

How do I make sure I pick the right style for me? 

Follow this link to a chart that will help you determine the face shape that most resembles your own and the corresponding styles that will be best for you. Also, every style listed on this site and in every Gabor catalogue lists the face shapes it best suits for easy browsing.


Once I've picked a style I like, how do I pick the color that will look the best on me?

Hair colors are basically divided into warm tones and cool tones. The key is to find the appropriate color tone for your skin. Unless you are purchasing a wig for a fun dramatic fashion affect, you will want to be careful about making dramatic changes in the light level of your hair. If you are a naturally light blonde you probably don't want to suddenly change to a dark color. The same is true for dramatically lightening you hair color. It is usually best to stay relatively close to your natural light level.







Ash tones
Red tones

Reds, golds and warm tones
Ash tones and warm tones




Gold tones
Ash tones
Ash tones

Ash tones, cool reds
Reds, warm and gold tones
Most tones look good



Ash tones, gold tones
Ash tones

Warm, neutral
Most tones look good


What's the Personal Fit™ Cap?

Offering the latest in unique, state-of-the-art wig construction, the Personal Fit™ Cap is the ultimate in light comfort and dependable fit. The wide stretch lace used in most of today's wigs is replaced with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. The result is a cap that feels so natural and comfortable, you'll think it was custom made to fit your personal head shape!


What is FLEXLITE® Fiber?

A lightweight, fine, 24-denier fiber, FlexLite® eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage. All FlexLite® wigs are made with Personal Fit™ Cap construction, resulting in the lightest, coolest and most comfortable styles with the look and feel of natural human hair.


What are Gabor™ PLUS Colors?

A stunning collection of 27 salon inspired colors, the Gabor PLUS color line was conceived using “Tone-on-Tone” colors which subtly progress from a front that is infused with brilliant highlights and lowlights to a slightly deeper and richer hue at the nape.