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David Gold, founder and president of Great Lengths International, made his mark in the fashion and textile industries by inventing a progressive heat transfer system that bonds fabric to fabric on a molecular level.  Applying this concept to hair extensions, David created and patented a system that molecularly bonds extensions to ones natural hair with a synthesized keratin polymer that mimics the molecular structure of human hair.

Reflecting on his textile experience, specifically that used in cashmere color processing, David also implemented a process to remove human hair’s original color without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals.  In such a specialized manner, fine quality cashmere first has its natural color pigments removed and then it’s re-dyed whilst maintaining the integrity and condition of the cashmere.  This technology was adapted to Great Lengths hair color processing.  Combining GLI’s patented bond structure and hair colorization processes, Great Lengths International introduced the first hair extension system that included “pre-bonded” strands to the professional beauty industry in 1992.

To date, Great Lengths International is still setting the standard in impeccable quality hair and hair extension application techniques.


1992 - GLI launched utilizing the GL 3200 Thermal Method

1996 - Hairuwear acquired exclusive GLI distribution rights in the USA

1996 - Great Lengths USA and the Great Lengths 2-day Certification Program was launched.

2001 -  GLI introduced the Ultrasonic Cold Fusion application Method

2005 -  Great Lengths USA implemented the “Selective Salon” distribution policies.

2006 -  GLI introduced the Air Pressure Multi-strand Application Method

2007 -  Great Lengths USA implemented the comprehensive 3-day Certification Program.

2010 -  New, advanced processing of hair and technology in strand application.