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Great Lengths Hair Care - Overview

The ingredients:
From precious plants for ageless hair
The new Dual-Active System by Great Lengths

What everyone should know for THE EFFECTIVE CARE OF NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIR: As soon as the growing hair leaves the scalp, it is no longer cared for by the organism and the hair strand then only has the protective film from the sebaceous glands. As hair grows and ages and is subjected to environmental damage, the growth of hair cells decreases. This is why the longer ones hair, the more care it needs. Careful though! Excessive hair care is bad for your hair too!

The new Great Lengths Dual-Active System includes sensors that recognize the need for care and supply your hair the right regenerative substances right where they are needed most. Subsequently, the sensors have a double effect and the entire hair shaft – from scalp to end – is given a protective shield that resists future environmental and styling damage. You cannot do more for the natural beauty of your hair than this.

The patented GSP-T is an extract from “Pinot Noir“- grape seeds. In nature, it protects sensitive cells against damage or destruction through environmental influences. We use it for lasting and permanent protection of sensitive hair cells. Being an effective antioxidant as a defense against free radicals, GSP-T works 50 times better than Vitamin E and 20 times better than Vitamin C. This means: maintenance of the natural vitality of hair, prevention of dehydration, maintenance of the hair colour and increased natural healthy radiance of hair.

The innovative ingredient complex AQUARICH® comes from “black oats“ and is responsible for the build-up and regulation of the cells. The high content of sulphur-containing amino acids strengthen the outside layer of the hair. Polysaccharides form an additional paper-thin layer that protects the hair against dehydration. Further substances in AQUARICH® work against frizzing of the hair, prevent premature hair loss and make brittle hair elastic. All in all, AQUARICH® ensures thorough in-depth care and strengthening of the hair, while significantly reducing tangles.

This special ingredient protects natural and cosmetic hair colour. The protection range is u