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Professional Use Only

CLEAN REMOVER SHAMPOO – deep cleaning, preparation shampoo

Clean Remover Shampoo is designed for deep cleaning and preparation of hair to optimize all professional only services, including the application of Great Lengths Extensions. To achieve the best result from chemical services and hair extension applications, you must start with absolutely clean hair. Accumulations of dust, product residue, accumulated minerals from tap water and pollutants are thoroughly removed. This pure cleansing is possible with the new ingredient FLEXAN II®. It also ensures that the scalp and hair are not damaged in this deep cleansing treatment. GSP-T® protects against free radicals and the pH-value of 5.5 is gentle and protects the condition of the scalp.

Available in 1000ml PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY


BOND-EX GEL – NEW AND IMPROVED fast-acting, gentle bond removal

Now with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract! Works faster, smells great and leaves the clients hair (and stylist’s hands) feeling fantastic!

Available in 3.4oz PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY


BOND-EX FLUID – original, liquid formula for the removal of Great Lengths bonds

This solution is specially made for the easy and gentle removal of our strands. Apply the Bond-Ex-Fluid to the front and back sides of 4 – 5 bonds at the same time. Open the bonds with the removal tool and remove the strands completely. Carefully comb out any residue. Shampoo the hair thoroughly after the removal.

Available in 100ml PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY