The color pallette for fall fashion is different than the one we see during the spring and summer months. The pastels and pinks start to take a backseat to warm tones like burnt orange, deep red, and burgundy. The colors and styles we see in hair also change – we often see that autumn trends inspire women to color their hair a little darker. For those of us who like to switch up our do’s with the seasons, extensions and wigs are the perfect solutions to keeping your hair healthy while keeping up with trends!

Below are some popular fall hairstyles in 2015:



Blonde hair is always a popular hit in the summer. From sun-kissed highlights to platinum blonde streaks, going for lighter tones in the summer is no surprise. According to Marie Claire, Bronde, a mix between blonde and brunette, is taking the limelight this fall. The look is a low-maintenance and natural transition from the brighter shades of summer. You can find the perfect Bronde to match your style and skin tone with Hair2wear products. You can even save yourself a trip to the salon if you opt for a wig. ‘Light Red with Gold Highlights’ and ‘Dark Golden Blonde’ are great shades to achieve the bronde look. Borrow a Hair2wear color ring to decide which hair color suits you best.


The Long, Layered Look

Long hair is always in style, but right now, long, luxurious tresses in auburns and platinums are all the rage. Long, sweeping layers past the neckline and shoulders are the perfect look for colder weather. If your summertime chop hasn’t quite grown out, wigs and extensions are a great way to achieve the look. Check out Hair2wear’s Editor’s Choice wig for curly hair just past your shoulders. If you prefer a straight, layered look, Photo Perfect features long, sweeping sides for a natural look. Both looks are available in 14 colors, so you can match your natural hair and your fall color palette perfectly. If you just want to add a little extra length and volume, you can also achieve the long, layered look with the 16-inch extensions.


The Side Part

Last year was all about the middle part, but according to Harpers Bazaar, the side part is coming back in a big way this Fall. Whether you part to the left, right, slightly off-center or dramatically far, the many variations of the side part will be a common sight this season. This look isn’t just for long hair you can achieve an edgy side part with short hair too. Check out Hair2wear’s Attention Getter wig featuring an off-center part with side-swept bangs or On Location, for a bold, modern look.


The Knot Bun

A cousin of the popular hair bun trend, the knot features a more effortless look. Many bun styles made popular last year, from braided buns to sock bun, are sometimes more difficult and time-consuming than heating your hair with styling tools. This Fall’s trend is care-free without being too messy. And with a little accessorizing, it can even take you from day to night. Try adding a braided headband for a more sophisticated look. If your knot or chignon needs a little more texture and volume, use the natural tone hair wrap to add subtle highlights.