Looking for some hair inspiration for your office holiday party? Want to wow family and friends on New Year’s Eve? Take a cue from this season’s hottest celebrity styles! With just a few minutes, you can style your hair into the perfect red-carpet ready ‘do that will make all your co-workers envious! What’s more, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your clip-in extensions into the styles we mention below.


Sensual Waves

For a timeless appearance, you can’t go wrong with sensual waves. Best on day-old hair, this style has soft, cascading waves that will last all night long! Start by spraying two-inch sections of hair with a light-hold spray, and then wrap each section around a one and a quarter-inch curling iron for around 30 seconds. As you remove the curling iron from your hair, allow the curls to fall into the palm of your hand, and then pin each rolled section into place. Once your entire head is set and your hair has cooled, gently remove the pins working from the bottom curls up. Finish by using a bristle brush to brush all of the curls into place, brushing more for larger waves, or less for tighter curls. Want even more volume? Clip in some curled extensions into your ‘do! Hair2wear extensions are made with heat-styleable synthetic fiber – just remember to follow the styling instructions for the best results.



Hairline Tresses Plait

Countless celebrities from Lauren Conrad to Jennifer Aniston have recently rocked this style, and for good reason! This Bo-ho style provides a youthful, elegant appearance that pairs great with all outfits. To master this look, start by misting a light hold volumizing hair spray on dry hair, then part your hair to the side and use a large-barrel curling iron to create piecey waves. Start a French braid at the part, stopping just above the opposite ear, and then secure the hair with a clear elastic and pin into place under the rest of your hair.



The Braid Duo

This style is a compliment-getter! If you’re looking for an up-do similar to ones the Kardashians frequently roll onto the red carpet with, simply braid your hair into two French braids, and then pull them back into a twisted bun. Secure with a light-hold spray to prevent fly-aways and you’re all set!



Scrunchy Pin-Back

If you love having curled hair, but crave a bit more volume at the roots, this style is for you! Start by creating waves from your ears down with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, leaving the last inch or two of your hair uncurled. Back-comb the hair at the crown, then smooth out, and pull back your hair loosely, using the top of your ears as a guide. Secure the top part of your hair with a decorative bobby pin, and then pull out a few small pieces around the front hairline to create a desired softness. Need more volume at the roots? Consider using hair fibers to easily create a finished look.