The fishtail braid is all the rage once again this season, and with good reason: it’s an easy way to add style to your hair. You can use for many things, from holding your hair away from your face to maintaining an overall side swept style. Regardless of how you plan to use our fishtail braid, there are two things you need to know. One, you can absolutely use the fishtail braid when wearing extensions, and two, learning how to do a fishtail braid is easier than you might think!


A Few Simple Steps on How to Create the Coveted Fishtail Braid Look:

To begin, make sure all hair that will go in the fishtail braid is thoroughly brushed and tangle-free. If you’re using extensions, ensure these are clipped in securely and brushed thoroughly as well.

Next, you’ll separate the hair as perfectly as possible right down the middle. Starting with either the outer left or outer right, pick a small portion of the hair and simply cross it over across the bottom, adding it to the section of hair on the opposite side. Now you’ll repeat the same process from the other side, and continue until you reach the bottom of the hair.

The key to success with a fishtail braid is to hold the braid tightly as you move through the process. If you don’t, it may begin to fall apart–especially if you are working with hair extensions or another hairpiece.


The Hair2wear Fishtail Braid Headband

If you want to create a side-swept style with a fishtail braid, you’re going to love the Hair2wear fishtail braid headband. This versatile hair accessory opens up so many new styling opportunities. Use the fishtail headband as a crown and slip it right over loose hair for an elegant evening look, or use the headband to help style the front of an up-do. Available in several different colors, you can find the hue that best matches your natural color. Simply put it on to elevate any styling you’ve done!

What’s great about this type of stylish headband is that it allows you to keep your hair out of your face while adding something more than just a pulled back ponytail. Likewise, you can add the fishtail braid headband a little further back on your head to hold the front and back of a style in place.

The fishtail braid is irresistibly tasteful and timeless, and can be utilized to style hair for everyday looks as well as lavish events when paired with couture evening wear. The versatility of the fishtail braid makes the headband a must-have accessory for any woman!