Cover Extensions with Hair Building Fibers for a Thicker, Fuller Look

When attaching hair extensions, you want to be as discreet as possible to eliminate any chance of the base of your extensions showing. If you have thin hair or have a difficult time covering your extensions, you can use hair-building fibers to avoid this issue. Here are some pointers on how to use hair fibers to cover the base of extensions and create a fuller, thicker looking head of hair.

Use Waterproof and Weather-Proof Hair Fibers

There are many hair building fiber products on the market today. Many come in a spray-in form, which are more affordable and easy to use, but tend to wear off more throughout the day. Rain and humidity can make some products run, so be careful to choose a high-quality hair fiber product.

To conceal extensions or thinning hair without unexpected surprises or wardrobe malfunctions, we recommend skipping straight to waterproof hair fiber products. Many waterproof hair building fiber products are applied differently than the typical spray-on type. Hair fibers that go in powder form by shaking the product onto the head tend to stick better. The powder takes on an almost “magnetic” form and sticks to your real hair to conceal areas of thinning hair, including your hair part and extension bases.

How to Use Hair Fibers to Conceal Extension Base

This is a simple process when you use a high-quality product. You’ll simply pull your real hair away from the area in need and sprinkle in the hair fibers. They will firmly attach themselves to the area of scalp on and around the extension base, concealing the base to give you a fuller look that really showcases the luxurious length and color of your extensions.

When picking a hair fiber product to conceal the base of your extensions, choose a product that is made with real keratin — this will ensure that the hair fibers better blend into your existing hair and the base of extensions for an immediately thicker and more luxurious overall look from top to bottom.

Professional hairdressers and stylists warn their clientele against spray-in hair fibers because of their fickleness and inability to withstand the elements. What’s great about keratin-based hair fibers is that they work with any hair type and come in a huge variety of colors, making it possible for anyone to make use of this type of product to make parting your hair easier and make your extensions look better.’s blog