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8509 21st Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Phone: (718) 265-1010

Award-winning Master Stylist, Hair Restoration Specialist and Virtual Reality studio owner Bruno Frustaci is at the forefront of fashionable hair styling & solutions to hair loss for both men & women. Renowned for his outstanding technical knowledge & creative abilities, Bruno has won over 100 international awards and is the General Commissioner for the World Hairstyling Organization OMC. He is also a member of the Virtual Reality Network a global leader in hair enhancement. Only 1% of all salons are qualified to become a certified Virtual Reality and Virtuesse member & concept studio. Bruno's Hair Solutions has been in their top tier for over 10 years because he believes that excellence is not just of extreme importance but rather a necessity in today’s marketplace. He understands the consumer is more knowledgeable & more demanding therefore studios have to be ready to respond with the best products & talent. This is why working with great brands and people with vision is crucial. Bruno began his hairdressing career in his home town of Calabria Italy, and has devoted his life to raising the bar in hair styling & offering people suffering from hair loss more than just a cover up solution. Today, with his wife Annie, he delivers that at both his Hair Replacement Studio & Hair Salon in Brooklyn NY, where they respectfully train their staff to deliver the best to every single client. Bruno's Hair Solutions is known for their signature innovative yet wearable couture styles for both men & women. On any given day you can walk into Bruno's Hair Solutions and find friendly talented people who are not satisfied with delivering average work, that sadly all too often becomes the "standard" but rather delivering natural & fashionable solutions to hair loss through their talented staff, eager to achieve their clients individual desires, and never settling for anything less. Of his life's work, Bruno says, "Hair restoration is my absolute passion. I count myself lucky to have a career that allows me to be an ambassador for something I love." Bruno says "I am never finished. I always push for more and you can see the results in my clients' reactions." To learn more about Bruno’s Hair Solutions visit