One of the simplest and quickest ways to change your look is to have fun with some lipstick. Because you can find a lipstick shade in almost every conceivable color, you can try any number of tones and hues with your natural skin color to see which shades flatter you most. What’s more, you can step out of the box with lipstick shades to create an inspired new look without committing to something permanent!

Keep your Hair Color & Skin Tone in mind

For those with very dark hair and olive skin tones, try a shade of lipstick that could be the color of a glass of wine or even the color of a dark wood. Try not to choose a lip color that is too bright. Instead, you’ll want to go for a more subdued look to avoid looking too garish. If you have dark hair with light skin, go for a classic scarlet red or a lilac pink.

Those with very dark skin have the most options when it comes to lipstick shades because so many colors complement your tone— but keep your hair color in mind, so your lip and hair don’t clash. Try to stick with colors that will call attention to your hair color and the work you’ve done to style it. If you have dark hair and dark skin, a dark matte nude is great for an everyday autumn look. Try a glossy plum color for a sexier evening look.


If you have blonde hair and light skin, almost any shade of pink, plum or coral can be pulled off. Try working with pink and plum shades this fall. Go for a classic Marilyn Monroe look by pairing your blonde hair tones with a flirty pink lipstick at night. For every day, a beigy pink or light coral is perfect for the fall. Blonde hair with warm skin tones can also pull off reds and pinks, but bright reds and pinks are not recommended. You can also try beige and warm nudes that will complement your undertones.

Redheads with fair skin look great in plum, dark red and brown shades that go hand in hand with the autumn weather. Orange and brighter tone pinks tend to clash with red hair and are not recommended. If you have pink undertones, try a dark pink or plum!

Fashion-forward magazines and pundits tell us: soft pink is all the rage this fall, both in cosmetics and fabrics. Because they work with so many skin tones and so many styles, utilizing light pink for lipstick and even eye shadow or blush can create a great look this fall.