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Wigful Thinking
1905 Rte. #33 – Ste. #3
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
Owner: Caryl Dillon

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to thank Hairuwear for recognizing Wigful Thinking as February’s "Retailer of the Month."
As a start-up business in the wig industry (2014), the business partners selected in once's venture can make the difference in success or failure. In addition to vendor products, if selected wisely, these partners can provide business development and growth, continuing education and cutting-edge techniques. This holds true with Hairuwear; a true business partner.

My background provided me the necessary skillsets to create Wigful Thinking. Attended cosmetology in the 60's when hair stylist careers weren't as profitable as today. Returned to education and focused on the coporate world, always maintaining a talent for hair, even if my own. Settled into adminstration ending my career as Human Resources Director for a Fortune 200 company, specializing in strategic and benefits sectors.  During this time, I was diagonosed with breast cancer in 87' with a second bout in 95.

To sum up skillsets during my career: cosmetology, employee relations, benefits administration, and my experience as a two-time cancer survivor.  Once retired in 2013, I researched markets where I could invest and apply my experiences, skills and passion. After much research, I discovered the need for an exclusive Wig Studio. catering to markets: fun, fashion, convenience and hair loss due to medical conditions.

Alas, I found my niche! A destination servicing these markets.  A haven where one will be served with a consult, sizing, proper selection, customization, training and maintenance of the wigs and enhancements. 

In addition to a fashion showroom of a large variety of pieces, accessories, milinery, products, skin care line, we offer a privacy room available with an open invitation for family members to accompany our guests.  Each guest is treated with the dignity and attention one deserves.

The family came together with the addition of my associate, Bianca; a seasoned stylist; experiened cutting, shaping, customizing and an overall sense of fashion and flare.

And last but not least. Wigful Thinking travels the journey with each and every client. The relationship continues for ongoing assistance, alternations, and a friendly environment; an environment that understands.