How to Blend Curly Hair and Straight Extensions

The grass is always greener, they say. If you are a woman with naturally curly hair you should know: most of us envy those beautiful corkscrews and waves! But what if you have curly hair, and you want extensions to add length? If you’ve tried to work with extensions in the past, you know the trials of getting straight extensions to match your curly hair is a real challenge. With Hair2wear products, you can easily heat-style the extensions to match your curls!

Because Hair2Wear extensions are made with a heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can use curling irons and other heated style tools to curl the extensions of your choice so they match your hair perfectly. Just make sure the iron or styling tool doesn’t reach a temperature above 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When curling your extensions, the perfect temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have wavy hair, it’s simple to style extensions to match your mane. Choose the Hair2wear extensions in the color that matches your natural hair. When the time comes to add waves to your extensions, use a curling iron width that most closely matches your waves.

You’ll wrap one-inch sections of the synthetic hair of the extensions around the curling iron for a max of 10 full seconds. As you release the extension from the curling iron, you’ll need to keep the strand in the curled state by clipping the curl until it cools. (Two clips are included inside your Hair2wear extensions package.) This way, the synthetic hair can stay in the curled position while it cools. Synthetic hair is different than human hair because it does not retain the shape heat gives it until it’s completely cooled.

Set it and go!

Hair2wear extensions will hold the style you gave them even after washing and conditioning as long as you follow the care instructions. The extensions and wigs will hold the curls you gave them until you style them again with heat!