Some days you wake up and it hits you: you just don’t have the energy or the time to spend on managing your mane. It happens to the best of us — whether you’re a bogged down college student, an ER nurse with no time on her hands, or a busy mom on the move. This is where having a quality set of hair extensions comes into play — they let you look great even when you’re short on time or having an especially lazy morning.

Curl your hair and your extensions in two short steps for a fun down-do


With Hair2wear styleable extensions, you can safely and quickly curl the synthetic hair by following our easy styling tips. Step one: plug in your curling iron. Step two: put your natural hair into a ponytail. Step three: Pull out your extensions from their safe keeping spot, and wrap the whole lot of them around the curling iron to curl them (no more than 60 seconds). Set them down, now take the curling iron and curl all of your natural hair in one lot (no more than 90 seconds needed). Step Four: take your hair down. Step Five: add in your extensions — you’re done!

The easy crown: another way to wear hair down with extensions

So what if you didn’t have the time or energy to do anything “special” with your hair? You can still make it look like you put in plenty of effort with this easy crown technique. All you have to do is brush and part your natural hair the way you like it, and then add in your hair extensions. Now get out your bobby pins. You’re going to grab a small amount of hair from the hair that’s just above your ears. Simply take one section at a time, twist it, bring it to the back of your head, and bobby pin it into place. Do the same to the section from the other side of your head. Now you have your extensions in and your easy crown in place!


Extra lazy days call for extra lazy measures


Some days, you just need to get up and go. When this happens, you can literally just grab our Clip In Pony hair extensions and put them in. Clip them in, scrunch the top for a little-added measure, and maybe add a spritz or two of hairspray. Done deal!

It doesn’t take the work of a team to make you look like a diva on your off days or your days off. You be you, Hair2wear will cover the rest!