Here To Stay

The. Perfect. Pixie. Trending cuts come and go, but every so often a style comes along that is a true instant classic. Meet the latest. Piecey layers fall forward, drawing attention to the eyes. A full monofilament top lets the light, airy texture fall just the way you like. It’s the perfect short style to suit so many women… perfectly.

Temple-To-Temple Lace Front
Monofilament top
Memory Cap®
Pattes d'oreilles doublées de velours
Nuque allongée doublée de velours
Tru2Life® Cheveux synthétiques résistants à la chaleur

Taille du capuchon : Moyenne

Front: 2¼”

Couronne : 4″.

Sides: 3″

Back: 3½”

Nape: 1½”

Weight: 2.1 oz