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Raquel Welch

NEW! Made You Look

You’ll never believe it’s a wig! Our chic and timeless page gets a softer styling with razor-cut tapered pieces, a gently sculpted fringe and lightweight construction.

Temple-To-Temple Lace Front
Monofilament Part
Hand-Tied Base
Velvet-Lined Ear Tabs
Velvet-Lined Nape
Tru2Life Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

Cap size: Petite Average circumference with special stretch fabrics that accommodate most head sizes.

Front: 5½”

Crown: 8”

Sides: 7”

Back: 7”

Nape: 2”

Weight: 2.3 oz

Color Shown: RL29/25 Golden Russet


Product Description



RL2/4 Off Black

RL2/4 Off Black

RL4-6 Black Coffee

RL4/6 Black Coffee

RL5/27 Ginger Brown

RL5/27 Ginger Brown

RL6/8 Dark Chocolate

RL6/8 Dark Chocolate

RL6-28 Bronzed Sable

RL6/28 Bronzed Sable

RL6-30 Copper Mahogany

RL6/30 Copper Mahogany

RL8-29 Hazelnut

RL8/29 Hazelnut

RL10-12 Sunlit Chestnut

RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut

RL12-16 Honey Toast

RL12/16 Honey Toast

RL13-88 Golden Pecan

RL13/88 Golden Pecan

RL14-22 Pale Gold Wheat

RL14/22 Pale Gold Wheat

RL14-25 Honey Ginger

RL14/25 Honey Ginger

RL16-22 Iced Sweet Cream

RL16/22 Iced Sweet Cream

RL16-88 Pale Golden Honey

RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey

RL19-23 Biscuit

RL19/23 Biscuit

“RL29/25 Golden Russet”

RL29/25 Golden Russet

RL30-27 Rusty Auburn

RL30/27 Rusty Auburn

RL31-29 Fiery Copper

RL31/29 Fiery Copper

RL32/31 Cinnabar

RL32/31 Cinnabar

RL33/35 Deepest Ruby

RL33/35 Deepest Ruby

RL38 Smoke

RL38 Smoke

RL51-61 Iced Granita

RL51/61 Iced Granita

RL56/60 Silver

RL56/60 Silver

RL119 Silver & Smoke

RL119 Silver & Smoke

RL511 Sugar & Charcoal

RL511 Sugar & Charcoal

RL4-10SS Shaded Iced Java

RL4/10SS Shaded Iced Java

RL8-12SS Shaded Iced Mocha

RL8/12SS Shaded Iced Mocha

RL8-29SS Shaded Hazelnut

RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut

RL9-24SS Shaded Iced Cafe Latte

RL9/24SS Shaded Iced Cafe Latte

RL10-22SS Shaded Iced Cappuccino

RL10/22SS Shaded Iced Cappuccino

RL11/25SS SS Honey Pecan

NEW! RL11/25SS Shaded Honey Pecan

RL12-22SS Shaded Cappuccino

RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino

RL14-22SS Shaded Wheat

RL14/22SS Shaded Wheat

RL14/25SS Shaded Honey Ginger

RL14/25SS Shaded Honey Ginger

RL16-21SS Shaded Sand

RL16/21SS Shaded Sand

R16/22SS Shaded Iced Sweet Cream

R16/22SS Shaded Iced Sweet Cream

RL17-23SS Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato

RL17/23SS Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato

RL19-23SS Shaded Biscuit

RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit

RL29-33SS Shaded Iced Pumpkin Spice

RL29/33SS Shaded Iced Pumpkin Spice

RL613SS Shaded Platinum

RL613SS Shaded Platinum



Additional Information


Ready to Wear


Raquel Welch








Heat Styleable Synthetic


With Bangs, Monofilament, 100% Hand Tied, Lace Front


Shadow Shades, Blonde, Brunette, Red, Gray

Wig Length

Short, Mid-Length


Bob / Lob, With Bangs


New Styles