Hair Care Products


Daily Moisture Shampoo


Fresh Hair Every Day

The shampoo for gentle daily care. Daily Moisture is for all hair types with an emphasis on dry ends and dry scalp. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. AQUARICH® supplies valuable regenerative substances, creates volume and shine while reducing static. ALOE VERA balances moisture loss resulting in silky, managable hair. The 5.5 pH-value is especially scalp-friendly. 1000ml, 250ml, 50ml

Colour Reflex Shampoo


Magnifies the Brilliance of Colours

Colour Reflex is the special shampoo for colour treated hair, including bleach and tone color formulations. The cleansing substances are mild and will not reduce moisture. Amino acids make the hair silky, de-tangle and reduce static charging. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. The pH-value 5.5 is ideal for the scalp. Above all, SOLAMAR GR8 prevents the destruction and fading of hair colour. Colour Reflex Shampoo gives long radiance and exceptional shine again and again. 1000ml, 250mlv

Structure Repair Shampoo


Nurturing Care for Stressed Hair

Structure Shampoo is specifically for dry, brittle, extremely stressed and unmanageable hair. The active ingredients treat hair and scalp in an especially gentle way. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. PRO-KERATIN supplies hair with regenerative substances, it repairs porous zones and gives hair new elasticity and volume. Pro-Vitamin B ensures a healthy moisture balance in hair and scalp and the 5.5 pH-value is ideal for the scalp. 1000ml, 250ml


Conditioner 60 Sec


The Ultrafast Conditioner

The ideal conditioner for dry, stressed and damaged hair. In only 60 seconds, problematic hair is repaired and stays that way for 60 hours! The creamy emulsion easily rinses clean and will not weigh hair down. AQUARICH® supplies regenerative substances for more shine and volume while eliminating static. ALOE VERA regulates moisture loss and gives hair a silky feel. JOJOBA-oil provides the essential moisture that healthy hair and scalp require. 1000ml, 250ml, 50ml

Hairmask Extra Rich


Comprehensive Regeneration for Your Hair

The Hairmask Extra Rich is a luxurious, intensive conditioner for very dry, brittle, stressed and unmanageable hair. Hairmask Extra Rich rebuilds the structure of hair that has been damaged by the suns high UV radiation and free radicals. The main active ingredient is PRO-KERATIN, which closes gaps with amino acids and proteins that are similar and identical to those in the structural composition of hair. GSP-T® additionally gives protection of free radicals making it a preventative as well as a repair product. Pro-Vitamin B ensures a healthy moisture balance for and scalp. 200ml

Anti-Tap Water


Save the Best for Last

Anti-Tap Water Concentrate is the ultimate finish for all hair treatments. PANTHENOL supplies hair with moisture and promotes elasticity and flexibility. Liquid hair keratin replaces and rebuilds missing hair substance. BIOTIN promotes the natural balance and natural function of the scalp and hair. GSP-T® provides protection against damage from free radicals and environmental strains. The pH-value of 3.2 contracts and smooths the cuticle layer preserving care nutrients in hair such as moisture. Anti-Tap is recommended for all Great Lengths Extension wearers for its stabilization effect of the Great Lengths bond which keeps the bond in optimal condition. Anti-Tap is a concentrate and will require dilution, 1 part Anti-Tap to 8 parts water. 1000ml, 250ml

Protector Instant Care Spray


Instant, Leave-in Conditioner

For all hair types, Protector Instant Care reduces tangling and gives hair immediate manageability. Especially good as a protectant for colour treated hair and because it’s a leave-in it gives reinforcement to the desired style of ones hair whether ironed straight or worn with curls and waves. Containing GSP-T® it protects against free radicals, SOLAMER8 prevents destruction and fading of hair colour. Other substances similar to those found in hair provide increased vitality and resistance. Catonic polymers eliminate and prevent static electricity. 200ml, 50ml

Serum Hair Fluid


Velvety Soft Shimmer

For all hair types, the Serum Hair Fluid's active ingredient is Argan Oil, the cosmetic industry’s most heralded ingredient. Shine, shine and more shine and volume, weightlessly! Serum Hair Fluid also contains tiger nut oil that provides amazing softness and touch-ability to hair while protecting against free radicals. Your hair will be soft, have additional volume and will be more easily managed when styling. 50ml

Styling Products

Peargloss Styler


Limitless Styling with Pearlescent Shine

The Peargloss Styler is alcohol free and the ideal styling product for all hair types. All styling techniques such as molding, separating and accentuating a finished look is the priority function of the Peargloss Styler. Even hours after use, hair stays wonderfully manageable. Vitamin B and Sorbitol strengthen and protect your hair and prevent moisture loss for an enduring style. Light reflecting crystals bestow additional shine and shimmer to hair. 150ML

Soft Finish Spray


Flexible Hold

Soft Finish Spray is a professional grade finisher for all styles that leaves hair looking natural and vibrant. A little goes a long, long way! Moderately used, achieve long lasting volume and style. The secret lies in the mixture of high quality polymers that give hair stability in the wind and high humidity climates while maintaining silkiness and elasticity of the hair. Soft Finish Spray holds your style without stickiness or weighing hair down for natural looking, long lasting styles with super shine. 75ML

Super Shine Spray


More Shine for Your Finish

Super Shine Spray is a refining finish for those who want more. It refines style and accentuates color. Frizzy tips are smoothed. Dry hair is made silky and shiny and it prevents static charging. 1.7oz

Volume Care Mousse


A lightweight mousse that provides maxmium volume with flexible but noticeable support. 6.8oz


Three Great Minis


A Little of This and a Little of That for a Whole Lot of Beautiful, Well-Conditioned Hair

Perfect for travel, three great Dual-Active minis in a practical case. Includes the Daily Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner 60 Sec and Protector Instant Care Spray. 50ml each

Professional Only Products

Clean Remover Shampoo


Deep Cleaning, Preparation Shampoo

Clean Remover Shampoo is designed for deep cleaning and preparation of hair to optimize all professional only services, including the application of Great Lengths Extensions. To achieve the best result from your chemical services and hair extension applications, you must start with absolutely clean hair. Accumulations of dust, product residue, accumulated minerals from tap water and pollutants are thoroughly removed. This pure cleansing is possible with the new ingredient FLEXAN II®. It also ensures that the scalp and hair are not damaged in this deep cleansing treatment. GSP-T® protects against free radicals and the pH-value of 5.5 is gentle and protecting of the scalps condition. 1000ml

Bond-Ex Gel


Fast-Acting, Gentle Bond Removal

Now with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract! Works faster, smells great and leaves the client's hair (and your hands) feeling fantastic! 100ml



ACCA KAPPA is one of the top brands for premium brushes. These brushes are particularly beneficial for long hair and extensions.

The Greatwave™ Brush

Greatwave Brush


The world’s only brush that utilizes unique, wave shaped nylon bristles charged with Ionic Minerals. Its unique barrel shape creates more of an open-ended wave, or can be used to smooth the hair straight and give lift and a beveled edge without curl. Provides faster drying time, deeper moisture penetration and silky, shiny, conditioned hair. Medium, Large, Extra-Large